Gormanston Footgolf

Gormanston Park Footgolf Tournament

Gormanston Park recently held its first ever Footgolf tournament. When we saw how popular footgolf was becoming we knew we had to hold a tournament especially as the rivalry amongst staff was escalating. We linked up with Ronan Cunningham over at the Irish Footgolf Association (IFGA) and joined the tour.

In treacherous conditions on the 7th of May the day finally arrived. You could have been fooled into thinking it was a winters morning and not the beginning of Summer. That’s Ireland for you! However, the wet weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the 23 hopeful players who turned up to represent their respective clubs and counties.

Gormanston Park also had its newly formed team consisting of Aaron, Dan, Conor and Graham; inexperienced yet quietly confident. The first big obstacle was the first kick over the river which was bursting at the seams from all the rain. Thankfully everybody managed to clear the river as it was a bit cold for a swim. As the day went on, the weather didn’t let up but that didn’t stop the lads from putting in some fantastic performances. Although the famous hole 12, a forty-yard kick over the river did catch out some ambitious players, luckily we had fishing net.

Fantastic Footgolf

At the end of the day the scores were added up. It was a three-way tie at -8. This only meant one thing, PLAYOFF! It was decided the 17th hole would be played again. The first two tee offs were sliced and went into the rough. The cold weather was really taking its toll. Up third was Cathal Jenkinson, calm as you like, he played a safe kick straight down the fairway. Followed by a fantastic second kick to land on the green, leaving the other players needing a miracle to win. With the crowd looking on eagerly, Cathal sunk the ball for a birdie. He pumped the air with his fist, he had just won the first Gormanston Park footgolf open and what a way to do it! Congratulations Cathal and thanks to everybody who took part.

We can’t wait to host more competitions in the future and hopefully win some along the way.

Cathal - winner Footgolf