Footgolf Announced Gormanston Park Ireland

We are delighted to announce the plans for our new Footgolf course in Gormanston Park, Ireland.

The Footgolf course will be sure to test even the most seasoned players and also provide a lot of fun for all involved. The beautiful scenery around Gormanston Park will help add to the experience and solidify our unique footgolf course amongst the best in the world.

Footgolf is the newest and most innovative sport to hit Ireland, combining two of the worlds most popular sports in football and golf. Gormanston Park is the newest addition, to the ever growing sport in Ireland. Footgolf is a highly competitive sport which combines the skill of football with the elegance of golf.

Footgolf is played on a golf course by individuals or groups but instead of using golf clubs, your leg is your driver, pitching wedge and putter. The rules are the same as golf, except you kick the ball instead.

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