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Class of 1976

1976, what a year! Apple was invented, U2 were formed, we were introduced to Rocky and the first spacecraft landed on Mars. Last weekend we held the 40 year reunion of the Gormanston College class of 1976. It was fantastic to see that so many have done well for themselves. Old friends spoke as if they had never left, stories of the past were told and families were introduced.

The class enjoyed a banquet prepared by our exceptional chefs Dave Fitzmaurice and Eddie O’Connor. The meal was hosted in the castle and they were waited on as if they were viscounts of Gormanston. They then tried their hand at clay pigeon shooting which to our surprise, their accuracy was better than expected. The class enjoyed a few beverages as they reminisced about their school days before they resided to their old rooms where they stayed as students, which concluded the reunion and their trip down memory lane.